Burner Management System

We specialize in boiler controls and burner management for a variety of industries. The following are some of the services we provide for our clients.

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Boiler Controls and Services

  • Control system installation for large and small boilers
  • Flame safeguard repair, replacement, and installation
  • ASME Z21.21 fuel train tightness testing
  • Burner tuning and repair
  • Boiler inspection readiness
  • Safety systems testing, e.g. evaporation testing of low water cutoffs and accumulation testing of high pressure cutoffs

Industrial Burner Management

  • Kilns for cement and minerals processing
  • Dryers for food and pharmaceuticals
  • Heat treating for metals
  • Furnaces for glass and materials processing

Oil and Gas Processing Burner Management

  • Dehydrators for single and multi-burner applications
  • Regen and hot oil heaters for single, multiple, and power burner applications
  • Heater treaters
  • EPA GHG CO2 data gathering and reporting